Do Realtors Work on Weekends? Unlocking the Weekend Hustle

Do Realtors Work on Weekends

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January 10, 2024

Many people ask, “Do realtors work on weekends?” because it can be challenging to take time out of their busy schedules to visit realtors on weekdays. It entirely depends on person to person, but the majority of the realtors work on weekends because this is the time of the week when most people are interested in visiting homes and properties.

Since the best realtors in Columbia, SC, don’t get paid until the sale is done, it is important for them to assist the buyer in visits. They can ask for as many visits as possible if they are genuinely interested in the property, and the realtor has to abide by their request. Once the deal is done, the realtor gets paid, but to reach that point, realtors usually have to work all throughout the week, including weekends.

More Effort Means More Money

This is not a 9-5 job where realtors get a fixed salary every month. Instead, this work requires constant growth and effort. If a realtor wants to maximize their opportunities, they need to be more determined with their sales. The more properties they sell, the better commission they will receive. If they limit themselves to work on only specific days in a week, they will be limiting their opportunities as well. Hence, most realtors don’t mind working on weekends because it provides them with great returns.

They Work Flexible Hours

Most realtors determine their own time for work. Each has its own way of dealing with potential buyers. While weekends are the perfect time for buyers to look for houses or properties if they want to change cities, there are other buyers who are hoping to relocate within the city. For them, the realtors can set their timing depending on their office hours. If a buyer can’t visit the realtor in the daytime, they might be willing to show them the property at night. Most realtors identify the best time to work as they gain more experience. 

Another reason why the best realtors in Columbia SC, work on weekends is because it gives them more time for showings. The seller can leave their house with their family for a long period of time and allow the realtor to show the property to potential buyers. This is much more convenient than giving small windows of time throughout the week for showings. Realtors prefer it this way because it becomes easier to show a property immediately to the buyers, and they can make quick decisions. They can also get multiple buyers to visit the property in a single day on weekends.

Being a Realtor is a Full-Time Job

There’s a misconception among people that realtors only have to show properties to potential buyers and strike a deal to get a commission, but their job doesn’t end there. Real estate agents can determine a few working hours throughout the week and be done with their job, but being a realtor is equivalent to being a full-time employee, and here’s how.

Realtors need to compare properties with each other to identify any gaps in the listings. They are also responsible for negotiating on their client’s behalf, and they need to get the paperwork done as well. Realtors have a lot of responsibility, which requires them to work on weekends as well.

So the simple and short answer to the question “Do realtors work on weekends?” is YES, WE DO.

Realtors work throughout the week with flexible hours, and they also work on weekends because it gives them more opportunities to seal the deal with new buyers.

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